India Online Gaming Company To Launch Luxury Gambling Vessel

India has decided that it is time to expand their gambling world and rival some of the best Las Vegas has to offer, further threatening Vegas’ long time stranglehold on the world’s gaming operations.

Sinha, who is part of Subhash Chandra’s Essel Group, had this to say about the project, “We’ll be offering 20,000 square feet of casino area that will rival the best Las Vegas has to offer.”

The idea behind the new adventure is to expand the global reach to South Africa, Europe, and Central Asia. If successful, the endeavor could further hurt the gambling market in Vegas, which is already being pained by the expansion of gambling venues in other area within the United States.

The other area that Sinha stressed in his statements was that the government should grow their awareness about the online lottery business.

Much like the United States, the online business is being run illegally, which creates more financial problems for government trying to stop illegal online gambling.

Sinha had this to say on that issue,”The challenge is to make the government understand the revenue potential of online lotteries and the huge revenue it is losing due to paper lotteries and illegal betting.”

This appears to be the same battle that is being fought in the U.S. regarding online gambling. Sinha went on to say,”If the government does not act quickly, it will promote more black money that will fund underworld activities. The government will then have to spend millions to control these activities.”

While the motives are obviously money oriented, Sinha does bring up important points that should be taken seriously by governments around the world. It makes more sense to generate revenue through legalize gambling, then to spend budget money to address all the issues that current illegal gambling is creating.

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